A Candidate Experience Company

Conventional recruitment only gets you the 30% of the candidates, who are actively looking for jobs. And let's be honest - these are usually not the top talent. Turning the 70% of passive and unaware candidates into committed applicants is possible, but every step of a candidate journey needs to be amazing to do so. Recruiters cannot run the necessary meaningful conversations with 100s of potential candidates to get their interest. Talentree's product suite allows you to do so. 

Pioneering Candidate Experience Software

Not having enough qualified applicants is a problem for 9/10 business and 75% say that talent acquisition is the main HR challenge in 2019. We want to change this number dramatically.

    The Alternative to Conventional Recruitment

    With Talentree's platforrm you get a plug-and-play solution creating a world-class candidate journey all the way from awareness to onboarding. It’s time to get ahead of your business’ hiring demand and build a steady talent pipeline, month after month. Stop waiting around for applications, which may never come. Do something smarter. 


      How do you get talent's attention on a job market where talent scarcity is a fact and competition for the best is fierce?


      How do you get talent to dig you, wanting to work for your company and not your competitor?


      Once you've gotten talent's interest, how do you make sure they say "yes" to you?