Grow your Talentree

Talentree’s talent engagement software helps you build and maintain relationships with the best candidates. Done are the days with slow and old-fashioned recruiting, where posting of job ads and waiting for applications are main drivers. When using Talentree technology your company will always have relevant talent at hand the day a job opens up.

Pioneering Talent Engagement Software

75% of organisations say that talent acquisition is still a challenge in 2019. We want to change this number dramatically.

    What’s included?

    With Talentree technology you get a plug-and-play solution creating a world-class candidate journey centered around relationship building. It’s time to get ahead of your business’ hiring demand and create your own pool of top talent today.


      Have real-time and engaging conversations with talent. All automised. Never let an interesting candidate slip away.


      Build segmented pools of talent and keep track of the health of your relationship with each one of them.


      Turn passive candidates into interestedapplicants by sharing relevant and personalized content.