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Recruitment Hacking

Attract, engage and retain top talent while powering best in class candidate experiences with Talentree.

 In 2020 hiring great talent is about more than just job postings, CV screening and LinkedIn searches. Real talent has become immune to standard recruitment efforts. 
That is why Talentree is not an ordinary recruitment agency - we are all about candidate experience, recruitment marketing and talent lead generation. We have taken common marketing methods and are applying them to recruitment practices. We call it recruitment hacking. This is how we put our clients ahead of their business hiring demand faster than one can say “talent”. 


    What we do

    We've got the answers to your talent challenges. We work within three different, but interlinked areas:

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      How do you get talent's attention on a job market where talent scarcity is a fact and competition for the best is fierce? We convert passive talent into a committed talent pipeline for you.

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      How do you get talent to dig you, wanting to work for your company and not your competitor? Don't rely on a dead database with outdated CVs. Start building relationships in scale with your talent pipeline to keep them warm.

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      With tailored on-demand curriculums, online sessions and in-person workshops, your team get the training they need in a format, that fits your schedule and budget. 

    Why choose us?

    Why should you trust our process instead of traditional recruitment agencies? It's actually pretty simple. What has proven to work in marketing to attract customers also works when attracting talent. Stop doing what's hard and shortsighted. Recruitment can be pretty damn fun and effective. 

    Driving recruitment transformation

    We have the processes and tools in place to change the way your recruitment is done. We will be supporting you all the way from implementation to adoption and operation of the new recruitment strategy.

    Turn data into your competitive advantage

    We track everything and optimize based on data. This way, data will start working for you enabling you to become proactive in your recruitment efforts. 


    We create our services using cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best experience. For our customers and for the candidates.