Talent Activation  

How do you get talent to dig your company in order to grow your pool of potential candidates?

Talentree's platform enable companies to start recruiting proactively and strategically. Done are the days with slow recruitment processes where you start from scratch with every new position. Improve employer brand, attracted your targeted talent, convert talent leads into applicants and track your entire pool of potential candidates in one place. 



Give each lead a personalized path to hire. With drip campaigns based on advanced segmentation, you can queue up a series of messages that give leads everything they need to become hire-ready. Combine this with personalized one-of communication - share relevant content, news, updates and jobs based on their unique interests to keep them engaged

Talent and Community Management

 Track communication effectiveness with real time analytics to prioritize the most engaged candidates or nudge the less engaged. With greater data enrichment than any ATS, you will always know how engaged your talent pools are to tailor your efforts. In short, you are building talent pools you can actually hire from instead of a dead CV data base. 

Lead Generation Add-Ons

How do you get talent's attention in the first place?

Relevant if you have a difficult time attracting the right applicants to your open positions or if you simply want to strengthen your employer brand in a broad sense.

  • Conversational Talent Marketing

    Let technology run automatic and personalised conversations with talent. Comes with pre-configured dialogues proven to engage. Catch talent while you can!

  • SoMe and Campaigns

    Create purposeful, consistent and high-performing campaigns that reaches the right people at the right time across all social platforms. Be present where talent is present.

  • Dynamic Landing Pages 

    Launch professional-looking career pages without relying on a web developer, publish lead-generating forms and run A/B tests to increase conversions.

  • Candidate Shortlisting 

    Let us do the hard work. We scan the market and build lists of 100’s or 1000’s of talent leads for your pipeline. 

Smart Hiring Add-Ons

How do you get talent to say "yes" to you?

Relevant if you want to keep your recruitment process lean and can't be asked to deal with complex ATS platforms.

  • Easy Scheduling

    Auto-scheduling of interviews to avoid wasting valuable time doing it manually.

  • Candidate tracking 

    Kanban-board style to make collaboration and tracking of the hiring process easier. Always know which candidates is where in the process, who needs to follow up and what was last communicated. 

The Boring (but Important) Stuff

GDPR Compliance

Everything we do is, of course, 100% GDPR compliance, because it's a must for any business today. 

Data, tracking and reporting

Everything is tracked across all features for you to know exactly how your initiatives are performing.


It's key that our product works with your exciting products, why we do provide seamless data integrations for most ATS.

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