Recruitment hacking

If you want to fish with different bait than other companies

We will find you your next talent. That’s the core of what we do, but we will do it while catering for your employer brand and while building a long-term talent pool for future hire simultaneously. 
We fish with different bait than a normal recruitment agency. We do it because we believe it's the most sustainable and strategic way to do recruitment. Secondly, we do it to be able to provide better candidates for our customers, but also because we want to give candidates the best possible experience.


Talent lead generation

Our process to get top talent on behalf of our customers is pretty straight-forward but also very different than other recruitment agencies' standard process.

We work with concepts such as lead list building, ideal candidate profiling, content segmentation, A/B testing, cross channel engagement, metric tracking and reporting. To mention just a few. All new concepts to recruitment, but proven effective in marketing. Whether you are buying a car or deciding on a new job, the psychology behind it's the same and it's this power, we're tapping into to get the best candidates to say "YES" to our customers. 

There's a method to the madness. Meet our lead generating process.

Ideal candidate profiling

Based on market research and our existing extensive knowledge of talent demographics, we start out building your ideal candidate profile. Of course with input from you. No one can't be something for everyone and in designing the ideal candidate profile, we will know exactly how to win the talent over, who matters the most for you, 

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Ideal candidate profiling

Content strategy and creation

Market mapping and lead listing

Outreach and cross channel engagement

Qualification and pipeline building



Here is a list of our lead generating plans suitable for any company and any type of candidate profile.


From 55.000 DKK

per position


From 150.000 DKK

per position

Pipeline activation

More talent engagement, less effort. Start building candidate relationships in scale. 100% automated.

After a search then what? Most candidates end up in a dead database, where information quickly becomes outdated. Forcing you to start from zero every time, you have a vacancy. What if there was a way you could build on the efforts you've done in every past search? Or what if there were better ways to find candidates than the traditional post job and pray?
We have the answer for you; it's called pipeline activation. This is what all great marketers do to ensure that they have a steady inflow of customers. We can do the same for you to ensure you always have an engaged pool of candidates to dive into for hiring.

Pipeline activation in 3 steps

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Candidate journey mapping

How to reach broader than any job ad

A candidate journey starts long before any application, but how do you get into the minds of passive candidates? When knowing your target, we visualize and build that journey, All of a sudden you have an inbound vehicle to get candidates in your pipeline, who would never have applied in a normal setup.

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Increase the number of applicants

Give each lead a personalized path to hire. With our drip campaigns based on advanced segmentation, we queue up series of messages that give leads everything they need to stay interested in you or become hire-motivated. 

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Pipeline management

Always updated candidate data

We track communication effectiveness with real-time analytics to prioritize the most engaged candidates or nudge the less engaged. With greater data enrichment than any ATS, you will always know how engaged your talent pools are. In short, you are building talent pools you can actually hire from instead of a dead CV database. 


Here is a list of our talent activation plans suitable for any company and any type of candidate pipeline.

Combined with lead generation

From 25.000 DKK

per candidate journey


From 35.000 DKK

per candidate journey

The technology making it possible

Anything we do is powered by our platform. Our technology is what makes collaboration seamless and easy.

We are tech-agnostics though. We have our own platform, but we aren't too proud to use other marketing tools if a certain customer case calls for it. 


The boring but important stuff

GDPR compliance

Everything we do is, of course, 100% GDPR compliant, because it's a must for any business today. 

Data, tracking and reporting

Everything is tracked across all features for you to know exactly how our initiatives are performing.


It's key that our products work with your exciting tools, why we do provide seamless data integrations for most HR platforms.

Training and academy

Because recruitment hacking is in our blood and we want to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible.

No matter if it's 2-day up-skilling course for your entire recruitment team, dedicated talent attraction strategy seminar for senior HR leaders or a quick inspirational seminar, we can help. 
Since training needs vary, we don't have a standard package, but tailor-make everything for the unique case. 
If you want a proven education in recruitment hacking, check our Recruitment Hacking Academy.


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