Candidate MarketingJuly 2019

What is candidate marketing and how to get started?

  • You likely have 1000s of people in your ATS or candidate database. Only a small portion of them have ever been spoken to. You spend a lot of money on job sites and recruitment agencies to find these candidates, they’re an important asset to your business representing a potential competitive advantage, but they’re most often utterly neglected. Simply because recruiters can’t run meaningful and personalized conversations with 100 or 1000 people at once 

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  • Learning from someone who solved the problem
    Sales and marketing departments have been facing the exact same challenges for decades; how do we EASILY engage with people (sales leads), who will keep our product top of mind the day, they want to buy? Unlike HR, sales and marketing have worked hard to tackled the problem in smart and automated ways to eliminate manual and repetitive work.
    They use sophisticated tools for marketing automation, which allow them to send emails and messages across platforms in a highly personalized way, but to a large groups of leads at the same time. These tools automatically monitors how the leads interact with the messages and adjust the messaging based on their interests. It’s a proven way to dramatically increasing sales in every industry.
    Why not apply the same principles to recruitment to turn otherwise passive and unaware people into interested and committed applicants?

    So, what is candidate marketing in short?
    Candidate marketing is simply taking these principles and applying them to your candidate pool, who are really just a different type of sales lead. It will allow you to leverage your database of candidates for your current openings, but more importantly it will supercharge your ability to generate applications for future positions.
    In short, candidate marketing is to have continued interactions with candidates to ensure that when it’s time for them to find a new position, you’re the first company popping up in their mind. If you do it good, you might even be able to sway them into changing position, even before they themselves thought, they were ready. 

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  • 6 steps to get started

    Head down to the marketing department to get their customer engagement template and start creating your candidate marketing strategy - what do you want to share with whom and what are they interested in knowing? Start simple.
    2. Identify a few metrics to track. Opening rates, unsubscribe and click-through (when you put a link in your content) are good metrics to start with.
    3. Create your first content. Make it personal and real, hence, no company sales pitches or newsletter-like communication. You want to stand out from the crowd and you don’t do that by doing what everyone else is doing.
    4. Find simple technology, like Talentree's platform, to start communicating with your candidate base.
    5. Scrutinize your metrics. How is your content performing? Do you need to adjust anything?
    6. Based on your analysis of the key metrics; refine your strategy and repeat the process. Again. And again. And again. And before you know it, you have a pool of engaged candidates to hire from. 

    This is the first article in a series. We will provide articles on each of the 6 steps, so stay tuned for a lot more content around candidate marketing. We have dedicated our lives to this novel way of working with recruitment and you're always welcome to reach out if you would like to be inspired, collaborate or just to say "hi".

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