Client PilotMay 2019

The first client pilot - the failures and successes 

  • One thing is to launch a new company and develop a completely new concept but nothing compares to the first real live test, and in our case, it failed tremendously. Luckily, we were able to learn from the findings and the client did not lose faith in us, thus we got to try again and are now looking at the foundation of a true success story. In the following, we will share the insight of our first client pilot, the ups and the downs.

    What Talentree is all about
    With Talentree we deliver talent acquisition technology enabling companies to capture, engage and pre-screen talent in new, intelligent and automated ways. The solution is the result of an extensive research phase and is inspired by the leading principles within digital/conversational marketing, in the following you will, therefore, meet principles and definitions that are probably more familiar to a marketer than to a recruiter/HR person.

  • The Client, Knowledge Cube (KC) a successful IT Development Consultancy in growth
    They are recruiting in a knowledge-intense scarcity market, primarily IT developers with an educational background from the technical universities in Denmark.

    KC is gifted with amazing company culture, their employee turnover is very low (especially compared to the industry), they have a high focus on development, professionalism and a great work-life balance. It is a very informal and flat hierarchy, people are not just coworkers, but also friends and tend to go out together as well as travel together.

    KC has a great success rate hiring developers directly from university (or while studying) where many of them tend to stick for a long time and go through a great personal and professional development. A main strategic goal is to hire more of these successful students. The difficulty being that students tend to be more oriented toward the bigger and better-known consultancies.

    The recruitment strategy before Talentree is pretty much in line with what most companies do. A job is posted when there is a need (and reposted if the right people don’t apply) and for the positions that they know are hard to fill recruitment agencies are brought in. At the same time the company experience that some of their best candidate sources are their own employees. Lastly, they attend different university career fairs for overall employer branding.

    At the career fairs, KC experience good attention and last year succeeded with a coding test, where they ended up hiring the student that did the best, a great success. Besides this one student, he brought in more of his fellow students and they have experienced that the fair has raised attention with more potential candidates. The strategy for the fairs was to find relevant candidates for current open positions as well as a more overall employer brand effect. A strategy many companies subconsciously falls back on, but doesn’t succeed with. If one doesn’t stay top of mind, people will forget.

    The Pilot
    We started out by looking at the client's talent/career flows and decided to work with the start of the “food chain”; ei. with the students. With the aim to build on what was already working we started out with a focus on the fairs and the coding test.

    The first failure
    At the first chance, a small student fair, we suited the client up with a chatbot with a dialogue flow designed for the fair and a nurturing module to nurture the incoming leads (student candidates).

    We installed the chatbot at their job site as a way for students to get in touch with the company and sign up for news (a lead generator). The client bought a laptop to the fair where people could chat with the bot.

    This was our first chance to test our new concept and technology and we were extremely eager when the fair started. Unfortunately, almost no one signed up and we were looking at a big fiasco… The failure was easy to identify, as the leads (people who had signed up) could be counted on one hand, ie. we had failed with our “top funnel”, not creating lead magnets well enough - looking back it seems obvious:

    1. Nobody really noticed the chatbot, the experiences were great, for the few who did interact with it, but nobody paid any attention to it.
    2. Nobody wanted to chat with the chatbot at the fair because they had the chance to talk to a real live employee, and we had not considered analogue converts, ie. getting the employees to collect emails.

    Basically, our first pilot was a great fiasco, a lot of effort for almost no result. Luckily (and to our surprise) the client had not lost faith in us, and we got the chance to support them on their next much bigger career fair.

    The foundation for success
    This time we had learned from our mistakes, we still had the chatbot on their website (we might as well), but this time we had also created a specific career universe for the fair with attention on email sign-ups. They brought a code test (that they had succeeded with earlier), an iPad that was placed all in front (lower barrier for participation) with stickers to gain attention and the employees at the fair were instructed to collect emails from curious visitors. And this time it paid off.

    We succeeded in getting a lot of leads from the stand as well as people who visited the job site and/or did the code test and we now have a great pool of interested students, we can start engaging with.

    The first emails have gone out to the pool, of course, written in a personal manner in a tone of voice that fits the company culture. So far, we have only seen 7% unsign from the emails - a metric way above what we had dared to hope for.

    Our client have not had open students position yet after the career fairs, but they are looking at a great pool of engaged potential candidates, whom we will do our best to keep engaged (in an automated matter) for when the timing is right, precisely what we where aiming for.

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